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    Trust Source

    Trust Score is a powerful proprietary algorithm that allows traders to get an at-a-glance rating of a broker’s overall trust. Fed by our own extensive research, data collection, and in-house expert opinions, Trust Score produces an individual numerical rating for each broker. Rankings range from 1 to 99 (the higher a broker’s Trust Score, the better).

    Trust Score Variables

    So, how do we calculate a broker’s Trust Score?A number of unique data-driven variables are factored into the calculation that determines a broker’s Trust Score.  we’ve included a comprehensive list of the regulatory licenses that we recognize and incorporate into our Trust Score algorithm. We’ve conducted extensive research and collected data on regulatory bodies across a wide range of regulatory environments, jurisidictions, and countries.

    Brokers that have earned Trust Score’s “Highly Trusted” rating are considered the most trustworthy firms in the industry. Simply put, we would not hesitate to open and fund an account with a Highly Trusted broker ourselves (and have done so many times).

    It’s important to note here: just because a broker has earned a Highly Trusted rating does not mean that it is immune from running into trouble, and our risk assessment is by no means a guarantee of solvency for the indefinite future. Some events (like the Swiss National Bank abruptly removing its euro ceiling in 2015, for example) are impossible to predict, and such market anomalies can have catastrophic effects on forex brokers.

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